What To Feed Baby Brushtail Possum

What To Feed Baby Brushtail Possum. 300 gram to 500 gram It is mostly a folivore but when required feeds on bird eggs, insects, and some baby birds as well.

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It is best to use gloves to pick up the possum. Orphaned possum joeys need to be fed a special milk. The australian mistletoe is the most favorite food of the brushtail possum.

It Is Best To Use Gloves To Pick Up The Possum.

Or feeding possums meant the marsupials had less appetite for their plants. Its favorite food is the australian mistletoe. The newborn possum finds its way to its mother’s pouch and attaches itself to a teat.

Possums Are Nocturnal And Are Not Normally Seen During The Day.

It prefers to feed on plants’ matter. It prefers eucalyptus leaves, but also eats flowers, shoots, fruits, and seeds. The australian mistletoe is the most favorite food of the brushtail possum.

8 Feeds/Day 3 Hourly Around The Clock.

Their diet should be mostly native plants. I have a little fella now 320gm i feed him wombaroo farax and apple puree, just wondering what other people feed their possums and how they keep them? The youngster will stay in the pouch and with its mum for about 7 months before it heads off on its own.

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Place The Baby Possum In A Dark Pouch Such As A Sock.

The possum needs to be fed with its head up with no pressure being applied on its chest or stomach. Brushtail possums eat plant material, supplemented with bird eggs, baby birds and some insects. Baby brushtail possum feeding time.

The Amount Of Food That A Baby Possum Can Be Fed Depends On Its Size, The Animal Needs To Be Fed Every Two Hours.

They will eat leaves, fruits, flowers, fungi, bark and sometimes small lizards, birds and eggs. A few more brushtail possum facts. They forage in the canopy, in lower levels of the forest and on the ground.

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