Strawberry Banana Avocado Baby Food

Strawberry Banana Avocado Baby Food. Plus, there’s no cooking or prep involved for you! Place fruits in a blender/food processor and puree until smooth or mash with a fork and let baby try to use a spoon or her fingers.

Baby Food Recipe with Avocado Strawberries and Banana from

Slice fruits into dices step 3: Here's a twist on an old favorite. When baby is older, you can crumble a biscuit onto the smoothie.

Place Fruits In A Blender/Food Processor And Puree Until Smooth Or Mash With A Fork And Let Baby Try To Use A Spoon Or Her Fingers.

Add in 1/2 cup of water or breastmilk. Destone and scoop out the flesh of the avocado, clean the strawberries, peel and cut the banana. Blend until desired consistency is reached, adding more liquid to create a thinner consistency.

1 Large Hass Avocado = $1.98.

Try with mango or even cucumber using the same basic ingredients. Let thaw in the fridge overnight before serving. Once i introduced her to strawberries, i added this smoothie to her diet.

I Hope This Gives You A Good Idea On How You Can Mix Different Fruits To Create Different Homemade Baby Food Puree Combinations.

Go ahead and fill your pot with some water and start steaming your spinach. It's great for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dessert. You can add a bit of water to get the right consistency.

Avocado & Peas & Zucchini:

Plus, there’s no cooking or prep involved for you! Check out these homemade recipes for baby’s first solid meal: You can replace the avocado with a variety of fruit and even certain vegetables.

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When Baby Is Older, You Can Crumble A Biscuit Onto The Smoothie.

Instructions place the strawberries, avocado, and mint into the blending bowl. Puree all fruits and tofu in a blender or food processor step 4: Feed to baby with a spoon.

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