Why cat toilet Pipopet


Salubridad e Higiene
  • Until now, there were practically no other options, but you have to know that you can become infected when handling waste from the sandbox.


  • When there are small children at home, there is a risk that they will be touched that and contaminated


  • It will avoid certain odors from the first day.


  • The cats are very demanding with the toilet, they can stop using the sandbox if it is not very clean and do it in other places of the house.


Ahorra con Pipopet
  • The average cost of the sand is approximately 150 euros per year.


  • The cost of Pipopet, including installation, is less than half of everything we spend on sand throughout the life of the cat.


  • If we have more than one cat in the house, the cost of the sand multiplies.


Pipopet es cómodo
  • The cleaning of Pipopet is simpler than that of the sandbox. We do not touch the stool, nor the sand.


  • We will not have to worry about buying the sand, nor do we have to go to the store to get it.


  • As much as we adore our pets there is a series of unpleasant tasks. With Pipopet this changes.


Pipopet loves nature
  • The waste of our pets usually end up in containers and later in dumps.


  • Most of the sands used are not biodegradable.


  • The Environmental Protection Agencies recommend that solid waste from pets, without the sand, go to the drain.


  • Waste from domestic and odorous drains is processed in treatment plants for decontamination.

Pipopet: “Thinking of you, thinking of them”

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