Pipopet new cat sanitary

 The first toilet conceived for cats

Pipopet is a simple odorless toilet similar to that used by humans but with a design that is adapted to cats.

It functions the same way as any sanitary equipment. It works with running water, a water tank and a draining system.

In addition, it can also be used to wash the animal, to wipe it and to brush it.

Pipopet is the solution to the inconveniences of the sandbox.

Why use a cat toilet?

How does it work?


Where can you buy Pipopet?

It can be purchased through this web page (“HOW TO PURCHASE PIPOPET”) or also through our distributors:

Pipopet for my cat

Pipopet was elected one of the best Spanish inventions in 2017. 


PromoINGENIO a platform dedicated to the management and communication related to innovating projects, selected Pipopet as one of the Best Spanish Inventions in 2017 which was largely promoted in the Spanish press.

Pipopet: “Thinking of you, thinking of them”

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