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Features of the Pipopet CAT hygienic plate
Design of the Pipopet CAT toilet

This is a product of a high quality and resistance. It is manufactured using acrylic material which are fully hygienic and non-slip and entirely adapted to dogs.


It functions with a traditional toilet water tank (sold separately) which is connected through drain pipes to the building’s sanitation network.


The water as well as organic residues are evacuated directly to the sanitation network.


Although it can be easily installed, it needs be done by a plumber.


Pipopet is the ultimate solution to avoid pets waiting eagerly for their walk to relieve themselves. It allows us to decide when we want to go out without any pressure.

Retail Price: 590€  (incl V.A.T.=714€) 


These elements are optional.


You can combine different colours (tray in one colour and side panels in another).

3 Sided panels

Fact sheet panel U toilet CATS PIPOPET
Dimensions Top panel 3 sides, Pipopet CATS

Side panels are meant to protect the walls close by.


They are made of the same material as the tray and have been treated similarly. For this reason, they are highly resistant and provide greater homogeneity to the installation.


Pipopet aims at improving our cats’ life and ours.


It is convenient to seal the panels to the tray using silicone or any other waterproof glue.

Retail price: 100 €   (incl. V.A.T.= 121 €)

Higher front panel

Features of the front panel Pipopet CAT toilet
Dimensions Top front panel, Pipopet cats

Designed to protect side walls.


To be sealed to the tray using silicone or any other waterproof glue.


Manufactured in different colours.

Retail price 45 €   (incl. V.A.T.= 55 €) 

Higher side panel

Features of the side panel Pipopet CAT toilet
Dimensions Top side panel, Pipopet Cats

One sided panel that covers one side.


Manufactured using the same material as the rest of the accessories range.


It’s very hygienic and easy to clean.


Available in different colours.

Retail price: 25 €   (incl. V.A.T.= 30 €) 

Support structure

Features of the support Pipopet CAT toilet
Design of the support Pipopet CAT toilet

Made of highly resistant metal coated with antioxidant paint.


Adjustable legs up to 2 cm.


Needed if the installation requires it.

Retail price 100 €   (incl. V.A.T.= 121 €) 

Pipopet: “Thinking of you, thinking of them”

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